Data Services

ZolonPCS helps our federal and commercial customers gather, store, secure, analyze and produce actionable intelligence from multiple data sources and types. Utilizing agile development methodologies, ZolonPCS integrates best practices from both the federal and commercial spaces to quickly implement big data and analytics solutions that meet and exceed mission requirements at lower-than-expected costs.

ZolonPCS’s approach to big data is underpinned by our integration of cloud and big data technologies to develop larger data sets from multiple sources and devices for a robust data source. We use big data technologies such as mashups, where widgets query against the mashup data indexes to provide big data Hadoop/MapReduce results. This maximizes the use of unstructured data for analysis/modeling, revitalizes existent data and makes the data more compatible with the client’s existing RDBMS. Zolon’s secure, scalable and schema-less analytics framework automates the tasks required to compile, sort and analyze data, providing insights for data-driven decision-making from the project to the enterprise level.

Types of big data and analytics services ZolonPCS provides include:

  • Cloud-based big data services based on ZolonPCS’s partner cloud platforms that enable developers to build next-generation applications.
  • Data-to-knowledge services that cover multiple sources of information, data collection tools, and analytic databases and database support, providing quick data access and accurate and prompt business intelligence.
  • SQL analytics for integrated architecture and cutting-edge in-database analytics capabilities.
  • End-to-end survey operations, including data receipt, processing and editing; frame development and maintenance; data analysis; and data QA services.
  • Data analytics programs that satisfy the most important needs of the clients’ key users in terms of insights, coverage and timeliness within the given resource constraints.

ZolonPCS’s big data and analytics solutions improve the interpretation of clients’ statistical data, provide a clearer understanding of the statistics and facilitate comparisons for better comprehension of the data. And we can do all this in a time frame and at a cost that statistically outperforms the competition. That’s the ZolonPCS advantage.