Everything as a Service (XaaS)

XaaS is in high demand right now. And for good reason. Services can be implemented quickly and are cost-effective. ZolonPCS’s XaaS solutions are unique in that they are more focused on business and mission outcomes, not IT outcomes. We have developed and put in place a broad suite of services that deliver the right tools to the right people at the right time. And our federal and commercial clients are realizing the benefits.

ZolonPCS’s XaaS services include:

IaaS: Our Infrastructure as a Service provides clients with self-service models for accessing, monitoring and managing remote datacenter infrastructures, such as compute, data storage, system networking and networking allied services.

PaaS: Our Platform as a Service is used for application development through the provision of cloud components to software. Our PaaS provides a framework for developers to build upon in developing or customizing applications.

SaaS: Our Software as a Service solutions use the internet to deliver applications with an interface accessible on our clients’ side. This web delivery model streamlines application maintenance and support by minimizing the infrastructure required to support the applications.

ZolonPCS customers have instant access to job-specific apps and products. Easy-to-use control panels and APIs provide fast, fine-tuning capabilities without intermediaries. Unlimited scaling efficiently supports surges and declines in system and applications demand. The result: better tools, increased efficiencies and reduced costs in infrastructure administration, maintenance and support. That’s the ZolonPCS advantage.